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Device-specific $getdvi itemcodes?

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The Question is:

DCL and lexical function F$GETDVI:
Documentation of the bit-encoded return values to the item arguments
I have already searched in the DCL dictionary at this site but could not find
the specifics of these item codes, just the explanation that the return value
is an integer (hexadecimal longword, I suppose).
Relevant platforms: VAX and Alpha,
OpenVMS V5.5-2 (VAX only of course), V6.2 and up
Best regards

The Answer is :

  These fields correspond to fields in the OpenVMS Unit Control Block
  (UCB) data structure.  For details on the UCB, see the device driver
  documentation and see the Internals and Data Structures manual.
  Accordingly, these values are device-specific, and -- if documented
  for a particular device -- the information is typically included in
  the OpenVMS I/O User's Reference Manual.  Values for other devices
  are only referenced in the source listings for OpenVMS (when the
  device driver is provided by OpenVMS itself), or potentially in the
  device-specific documentation.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-JUL-2001 )

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