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SDA link mismatch warning? (SDALINKMISM)

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The Question is:

Mr. Wizard,
After applying the patch "DEC AXPVMS VMS721_SYS V10.0" to a 7.2-1 system the
 ANALYZE/SYSTEM command produces a link mismatch warning message.  Has there
 been a subsequent patch to correct this problem?  Or might there be a way to
 uninstall the patch?
And yes, I am positive that this patch was the source of this error.  The
 sequence was 1) test SDA = no problem, 2) apply patch, 3) reboot, 4) test SDA
 = problem.
$ prod show history
----------------------------------- ----------- ----------- --------------------
PRODUCT                             KIT TYPE    OPERATION   DATE AND TIME
----------------------------------- ----------- ----------- --------------------
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_SYS V10.0         Patch       Install     27-JUL-2001 19:47:16
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_UPDATE V3.0       Patch       Install     27-JUL-2001 19:13:45
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_UPDATE V2.0       Patch       Install     27-JUL-2001 17:20:00
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_PCSI V1.0         Patch       Install     27-JUL-2001 16:44:12
$ analyze /system
OpenVMS (TM) Alpha system analyzer
 (22-MAR-2001 11:42) does not match link time of image in system (26-APR-2001
Jonathan Price
Phillips Alaska, Inc

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard is not aware of an update to resolve this as yet
  (this writing as of Jul-2001), nor is the OpenVMS Wizard aware of
  any adverse effects caused by this.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-JUL-2001 )

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