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MAIL, SMTP, MIME, and attachments? (take IV)

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The Question is:

The email messages received by our system
(UCX V4.0) somehow mangles the headers and
appends a line:
	...=== RFC 822 Headers ===...
(the ... are continued ='s) with the original
The mangling is annoying a leaves mime-encoded
messages unreadable to some email clients. The
'RFC' Headers are useless.
Can the mangling of the headers and the
attachment of the 'RFC Headers' somehow be
Renald Buter

The Answer is :

  TCP/IP Services V4.0 should be upgraded to V4.2, or (far better)
  the configuration will want to move move to OpenVMS VAX V7.3 and
  TCP/IP Services V5.1 and associated ECO kits.
  For MIME-encoded messages, please see more current TCP/IP Services
  releases -- topics such as (4492) and (5880) will be of interest.
  Prior to these releases and tools, MIME messages are known to have
  encountered various potential format corruptions.

answer written or last revised on ( 31-JUL-2001 )

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