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MicroVAX 3400, DSSI disk hardware?

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The Question is:

I am trying to "resurrect" a microvax 3400 I have, which contains the following
M9060-YA Load Module for BA123
TQK70 M7559-00 TK70 Tape Unit Controller
CXY08-M M3119-YA 8-Line asynchronous multiplexer
IEQ11-SA M8634-PA Communications Controller
VCB-02 M7168-00 4 plane color bitmap module
VCB-02 M7169-00 4 plane video controller module
MS650-AA M7621-A 8Mbyte Ram
MS650-BA M7622-A 16Mbyte Ram
MS650-BA M7622 16 Mbyte Ram
KA640-AA M7624-CA Microvax 3400 CPU
I also have an R23RF-A2 disk chassis.
The mircovax has no internal hard drives. What hard drives will fit the
 microvax and the R23RF-A2?
TP Robson

The Answer is :

  The MicroVAX 3400 series uses Integrated Storage Element (ISE) drives.
  These are the RF-series disk drives and the TF-series tape drives, and
  specifically the RF3x series and the RF7x series disk drives.  The BA213
  S-box enclosure is the most common box for the MicroVAX 3400 series, and
  has room for two RF-series disks and TF-series tape or (with a TQK-series
  Q-bus controller) TK-series tape.
  These DSSI systems and enclosures are not generally set up for use with
  SCSI devices.
  The R23RF is a comparatively rare(r) rackmount enclosure for removable
  storage element (RSE) RF-series disk devices -- non-removable devices do
  not fit in this enclosure.  The R400X series DSSI pedestal enclosures
  were rather more commonly seen, and (like the BA213) supports internal
  RF-series disk drives.
  Later DSSI-capable systems were regularly configured with an HSD-series
  DSSI to SCSI adapter, and with external SCSI storage.
  Here are some of the more common RF-series disk devices:
  Disk          per drive    BUS Interface / Controller   Notes
  ----------    ----------   --------------------------   -------
  RF30-RA       150     MB   ISE 1 x RF30 disk, RSE
  RF30E-SA      150     MB   ISE 1 x RF30 disk
  RF30C-xx      300     MB   ISE 2 x RF30 disks
  RF30C-xx      300     MB   ISE 2 x RF30 disks, RSE
  RF30C-xx      800     MB   ISE 2 x RF71 disks, RSE
  RF31          381     MB   ISE (DSSI)
  RF71-xx       800     MB   ISE 2 x RF71 disk
  RF71x-SA      400     MB   ISE 1 x RF71 disk
  RF71x-RA      400     MB   ISE 1 x RF71 disk, RSE
  RF71x-xx      800     MB   ISE 2 x RF71 disk, RSE
  RF72            1     GB   ISE
  RF73            2     GB   ISE

answer written or last revised on ( 1-AUG-2001 )

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