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MSCP Disk Services, Cluster, Startup?

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The Question is:

WE are having a problem MCSP Serving volumes from our Alpha2100A to our
 Alpha1000. FOr some reason the drives on the Alpha2100A stopped showing up on
 the Alpha1000. I went into NCP and did a show known circuit char. Found that
 the circuit ID EWA-0 is in t
he disabled state? Not sure why? Also noticed that my UCX doesn't start either
 unless I manually start it?
Any suggestions?

The Answer is :

  Network protocols such as DECnet, LAT, and IP are not particularly
  related to MSCP disk services, nor to clustering, and are not used
  as transports for OpenVMS Cluster communications.
  The activities of the MSCP server are controlled by OpenVMS system
  parameters, either via MODPARAMS.DAT (for direct access) and via
  The OpenVMS Wizard would initially assume there is a problem or
  error in your site-specific SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM procedure, or that
  there are some component startips missing from SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM.
  As a suggestion, add a SET NOON at the very top of the file, as
  this can prevent the startup procedure from exiting on an error.
  Then reboot the system when convenient, and monitor the messages
  output on the console by the system startup.  (You could also use
  the STARTUP_P2 system parameter to write the output from the system
  startup to a log file.)

answer written or last revised on ( 1-AUG-2001 )

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