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Compaq C++ and Oracle CDD?

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The Question is:

I am attempting to use CXX with ACMS.  Since we need workspaces we need to use
 CDD.  Have found the follwing difficulty:
         The #dictionary directive is retained for compatibility with VAX C
         and is supported only when running the DIGITAL C++ compiler in VAX C
         mode  (/STANDARD=VAXC).
CXX Language_topics Preprocessor Subtopic?
CXX Language_topics Subtopic?
CXX Subtopic? /stand
     The compiler implements the International ANSI C++  Standard.
     The /STANDARD qualifier directs the compiler  to interpret source
     code according to certain nonstandard syntax  conventions followed
     by other implementations of  the C++ language.  The options are:
     ANSI   Allow language constructs required by the International
            ANSI C++ Standard. This mode also supports some
            non-ANSI extensions and issues messages for some non-standard
            usage that does not strictly comply with the standard.
            This is the default compiler mode.
     ARM    Minimize source changes when compiling programs
            developed using Version 5.n.
     CFRONT Allow language constructs supported by the CFRONT
     MS     Allow language constructs supported by the Visual C++
            Enforce the ANSI standard strictly but permit some
            ANSI violations that should be errors to be warnings.
            To force ANSI violations to be issued with Error
            instead of Warning severity, use /WARNINGS=ANSI_ERRORS
            in addition to /STANDARD=STRICT_ANSI.
CXX Subtopic?
What is the work around?

The Answer is :

  There are no plans to update Compaq C++ to use CDD, beyond what
  is available.  Use of C or of SDL or extracted definitions are
  among the typical approaches.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-AUG-2001 )

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