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Third-party software? (Oracle Rdb)

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The Question is:

I have an application running on VAX4705A  which uses ACMS and cobol programs
 using TDMS forms.The backend database is  Oracle Rdb V7.0-12 which is also at
 same node . We want to shift out the databse to a alpha system so I just
 wanted to check is it poss
ible to keep database on alpha and my exisitng  programs on VAX  still access
 the database. If its possible then what modification we may need to do in our
 application redesign.

The Answer is :

  For COBOL, you should review the Compatibility Appendix in the
  Compaq COBOL V2.7 User Manual for Alpha.  This manual has
  information on many issues that have come up over the last 9 years
  in migrations from VAX to Alpha of COBOL applications.
  In particular, review the material on alignment (/ALIGN,
  /ALIGN=PADDING, alignment directives).  COBOL data alignment control
  has been used by some customers to help in the migration of COBOL
  DECforms and ACMS applications from VAX to Alpha.
  For Oracle Rdb questions and statements of support, please contact
  Oracle Rdb support.  Having said that, current and compatible versions
  of Oracle Rdb can be used and can be accessed entirely in parallel
  across all nodes of a cluster, regardless of the architecture -- this
  works across all architectures supported by Oracle Rdb.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-AUG-2001 )

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