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Cannot open X Windows display?

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The Question is:

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Alphasever will not display back any remote system applications (OpemVMS).
 decw$clock etc...
Running   CDE desktop
tcpip   (ucx)
getting this error:
X Toolkit error:  Can't open display  _WSA####
Can ping the remote systems. and rlogin to them.  When doing Show Display on
 remote system, it shows the correct node (IP) for the system.
Also,  DECW$PRIVATE_SERVER_SETUP.COM is setup with the correct transports.
 Kindof lost, any help would be great.  Thanks in advance.
Gary Brissey/ACS Defense

The Answer is :

  The decw$examples:ico.exe tool has reasonably error messages
  on various failures, and can be a useful diagnostic.
  Check the security settings on the target node -- the target
  node is the system running the X Windows Server, and thus the
  node that is driving the particular X Windows display.  (The
  X applications such as ico are the X Windows clients.)
  Also check the X Windows server log file on the target system.
  Also ensure you have TCP/IP Services V5.0A with ECO or (better)
  V5.1 with ECO.  (As of this writing in August 2001, V5.1 is the
  current release.)

answer written or last revised on ( 3-AUG-2001 )

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