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Printer page length?

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The Question is:

We are running 2 VMS systems, configured with Multinet and each running MUMPS
 application software. I have configured the Multinet software to send text
 based printing to our internal LAN print queues using LPD services. The LAN
 system uses mostly HP4 and
 up printers and some NEC printers. The LPD printing option works well except
 that the laserjet and NEC printers print at 60 lines per page and the print
 jobs caming from VMS are configured for 66 lines per page. I have attempted to
 correct for this at th
e printers and at the NT server. Is there any method to reconfigure the NT
 printers on-the-fly for 66 lines per page?

The Answer is :

  Please contact Process Software for assistance with MultiNet.
  Please contact Microsoft for assistance with Windows NT setup,
  configuration, options, and documentation.
  If you are sharing access to the printer with another operating
  system, please cease this at least for the duration of the printer
  troubleshooting -- other operating systems are known to alter the
  printer settings (including changing the page length), requiring
  modifications to the contents of the site-specific device control
  libraries to reset the printer attributes that the other operating
  system has set, or requiring that the other operating system(s) be
  banished from sharing the printer.
  For information on OpenVMS TCP/IP Services, and particularly
  for information on OpenVMS printing using IP protocols, please
  start with topic (1020) here in the Ask The Wizard area.
  OpenVMS typically uses printer-specific configuration (printer
  forms) to set the page length, or (less commonly) the system-wide
  logical name SYS$LP_LINES.  If this logical name is not defined
  and the default printer form does not indicate otherwise, the
  printer page length is assumed to be 66 lines.
  For details on IP printing and printer forms, see topic (1020)
  and the chapter on setting up and maintaining queues in the
  OpenVMS System Manager's Manual.  For a related discussion,
  please see topic (2770).

answer written or last revised on ( 6-AUG-2001 )

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