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Disk Jumpers, Storage Settings, Etc...

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The Question is:

I serch the jumper doc  form RZ25-E scsi harddrive from my vaxstation 4000/60

The Answer is :

  Please review the OpenVMS FAQ, and specifically the section
  "Where can I get information on storage hardware?".
  In the specific case of the RZ25 disk drive:
                    Drive front
            |                         [J---7|
            |                          PPPPP|
            |                          54321|
            |                               |
            |                               |
            |J]P1                           |
            |-]P2                           |
            |-]P3                           |
            |-]P4                           |
            |-]P5                           |
            |-]P6                           |
            |-]P7                           |
            |6]P8                           |
            |                               |
            |                               |
            |                           P3[J|
            |                           P2[-|
            |                           P1[5|
                 SCSI connector   DCvoltages
            Jumper block J5 or J7 used to set the SCSI ID number
            ID   P1      P2      P3
             0   OUT     OUT     OUT
             1   OUT     OUT     IN
             2   OUT     IN      OUT
             3   OUT     IN      IN
             4   IN      OUT     OUT
             5   IN      OUT     IN
             6   IN      IN      OUT
             7   IN      IN      IN
            Jumper block J6
            P1      Selftest factory use only       OUT
            P2      Spin up on power applictation   OUT
                    Wait for spin up command        IN
            P3      Not used                        OUT
            P4      Write protect                   OUT
            P5      Parity check enabled            IN
            P6      Reserved                        OUT
            P7      Drive supplies power to SCSIbus IN
            P8      Power to internal terminators   IN
            Jumper block J7
            P4      Spindle sync option             IN (Sync not used)
            P5      For remote LED indicator

answer written or last revised on ( 6-AUG-2001 )

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