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CSWS, usernames, UICs, and security?

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The Question is:

I installed the Compaq Secure Web Server v1.1 for Open VMS Alpha on my alpha
 server running OpenVMS v7.2-1. How can I config the CSWS to use different user
 account, not the apache$www account? The reason of doing it, I need to engage
 the CSWS environment
into my software system which is running under the different UIC (group).
The java program that I try to run under the CSWS require to access the
 resources of my main system product which is running under the different UIC
 (group), it never able to start up because of problem in accessing global
 memory section which I believe t
hat it is caused by apache$www is under the different UIC.
Please help me how to solve this problem, let me know if you need more details
 of what I try to do.

The Answer is :

  Using various UICs is not necessarily an approach the OpenVMS Wizard would
  recommend, as you can potentially expose rather more of your system than you
  had intended.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would first recommend use of ACLs and ACEs, and particularly
  the use of subsystem identifier on your application images and/or (useful, but
  somewhat less desirable) identifiers on username associated with the CGI scripts.

answer written or last revised on ( 8-AUG-2001 )

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