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RMS duplicate key detected error? (DUP)

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The Question is:

We are getting error:
RUN-S-PROC_ID, identification of created process is 000013C7
%RMS-F-DUP, duplicate key detected (DUP not set)
could you suggest some solution

The Answer is :

  With the DCL command:
  HELP/MESSAGE is vailable on OpenVMS releases more recent than what you
  are running -- you would see the attached information.  This information
  is also available in the error messages and recovery documentation in
  the OpenVMS manual set.
  You will want to contact the vendor of the package, and you will likely
  be asked to provide details of the command(s) or operations involved, as
  well as the software package versions, etc.
 DUP,  duplicate key detected (DUP not set)
  Facility:     RMS, OpenVMS Record Management Services
  Explanation:  An RMS $PUT or $UPDATE operation specified a record that
                contains one or more key values that duplicate key values
                in other records stored in the file, and the key does not have
                the DUPLICATES ALLOWED attribute.
  User Action:  Either reorganize the file and specify that duplicate keys are
                allowed, or modify the source program to detect and respond to
                the condition.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-AUG-2001 )

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