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Power Supplies, Interlocks, Sensors, Cooling?

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The Question is:

I have a Dec 1000A 5/400 system that was powering up but is no longer powering
As soon as  you hit the on/off switch it runs up
then quits. Are there any issues such as the case being properly closed inorder
 for the system to power up?

The Answer is :

  The AlphaServer 1000A model 5/400 system will be assumed here,
  as there is no "DEC 1000A" series known to the OpenVMS Wizard.
  Various Alpha systems do have sensors associated with portions of
  the system enclosure; portions of the enclosure that are critical
  to system cooling.  Some Alpha systems have airflow sensors and/or
  fan sensors.  Various Alpha systems have safety interlocks.  Most
  Alpha systems have thermal sensors.  When triggered, these sensors
  can (will) prevent the system enclosure from powering up, or will
  cause an immediate system power down.
  Sometimes a power supply failure, other low-level hardware failure,
  sensor failure, or a system misconfiguration can cause an Alpha system
  to power up, then immediately power down.  Or to not power up at all.
  Operating a system with the covers off can also potentially cause
  interference to other devices and to radio-frequency receivers in the
  area.  In addition to maintaining sufficient cooling, the system
  enclosures of most systems are also designed to prevent interference
  to other nearby devices.  This interference is known as radio-frequency
  interference, or RFI.
  The AlphaServer 1000A series does have a safety interlock on the
  top cover, which is a likely culprit here.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-AUG-2001 )

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