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BACKUP/ASSIST and operators?

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The Question is:

I think sometime in the past the functionality of BACKUP and the /NOASSIST
 qualifer in batch mode has changed. In our lights out environment we want
 BACKUP to fail on error, and NOT pop out an OPCOM request for action. Is there
 any way to force BACKUP, wh
en it enounters an error, to never issue an OPCOM request, and just error out?
 (I have tried redefining SYS$COMMAND in the command procedure, but that did
 not work)
Thanx, Neil

The Answer is :

  BACKUP has always had a different default for the setting of
  /[NO]ASSIST between interactive execution and batch execution.
  Also note that requesting the assistance of an operator implicitly
  assumes that there will be an operator present.

answer written or last revised on ( 10-AUG-2001 )

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