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Configuring printer?

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The Question is:

We had a MicroVax 3100/80 and a Printer LF01R to prin color Graphics. When we
 changed to one AlphaServer 800 5/500 it doesn't more worked. What to do?
We have dot prit LA75 to print texts with semigraphics border, but this printer
 is old and I change by one HP laser printer (cheaper) what printer to install
 and how to do it?

The Answer is :

  In isolation, the problem statement phrase "doesn't work" is completely
  and entirely impossible for the OpenVMS Wizard to answer.  Fire, flood,
  defenestration, and insufficient electrical power (eg: "is it plugged
  in?") can all cause an electronic device to "not work".  If you wish
  a response, the specification of explicit details of the problem is
  Both the LA75 series and LF01R ColorMate series are very old serial
  printers.  That said, the OpenVMS Wizard would expect both to continue
  to work on an AlphaServer 800 series system, and can thus only assume
  that there is a serial wiring, hardware or queue configuration, or
  power problem.
  Please see the existing discussions of printers and connecting and
  operating (third-party) printers on OpenVMS here in the Ask The Wizard
  area.  Also see the discussions on modems, since the concepts and wiring
  requirements are largely similar.  Also please see the OpenVMS System
  Manager's Manual: Essentials manual and/or the OpenVMS documentation
  website.  For details of pinouts and of serial wiring, please see the
  OpenVMS FAQ.
  Use of a DCPS-supported Postscript printer (via a NIC) is a more recent
  and more flexible approach to printing and is generally recommened, though
  a directly-connected serial printer should also continue to operate.
  For details on DCPS printing, please first see the DCPS Software
  Product Descrition (SPD) for the list of the supported printers.

answer written or last revised on ( 13-AUG-2001 )

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