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Help Translating Error Messages? CLISYMTBL?

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The Question is:

When starting a batch process I receive the following error
creating space for command interpreter symbol table
Is this a process specific error or something controlled on a system wide basis ?
I there a searchable database for for VMS error messages somewhere ?

The Answer is :

    I expect this error is due to a system wide non-zero value for
    sequential disk multibuffer counts. See SHOW RMS:
          MULTI-  |                MULTIBUFFER COUNTS               | NETWORK
          BLOCK   | Indexed  Relative            Sequential         |  BLOCK
          COUNT   |                     Disk   Magtape  Unit Record |  COUNT
Process     0     |    0         0        0       0         0       |    0
System     16     |    0         0        5       0         0       |    8
          Prolog    Extend Quantity
Process     0              0
System      0              0
    In this case it's 5. The reason this affects batch jobs only is
    SYS$OUTPUT points to a process permanent file. Since it's a sequential
    disk file, it inherits the system setting, but the buffers must be
    process permanent, so they need to be allocated from the limited process
    permanent memory pool (see SHOW PROCESS/MEMORY), rather than much
    larger volatile memory regions used for "ordinary" files.
    So given a high enough MBC, there isn't enough space in the process
    memory pool for other things that live there, such as the CLI symbol
    table. If the MBC is high enough, the error will be "RMS-F-DME, Dynamic
    Memory Exhausted", indicating that there isn't enough room for even the
    Consider that the global allocation of buffers for ALL sequential disk
    files across the system is of questionable value. Most accesses to such
    files are probably read from beginning to end, so any buffering is
    overhead. It's probably better to selectively give non-zero MBCs to
    specific files which would benefit. If you MUST set a system wide
    value, set it per process in SYLOGIN.COM. For example:
    This will allow BATCH jobs to create SYS$OUTPUT without applying the
    MBC count, but all other files will be created with the non-zero value.
    A consequence of this is, you will limit the number of Process
    Permanent Files which can be opened.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-AUG-2001 )

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