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Queue Autostart, Queue Failover?

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The Question is:

Execution queues which are autostart do failover to other nodes when autostart
 has been enabled. This is a good thing. But when the problem has been resolved
 and the initial host is again our friend, how do we tell only the ones which
 were still active at
 the time of the problem to haul ass back without dragging all possible queues
 back too?
Thank-you. I can't seem to find where this is documented notwithstanding an
 extensive search.

The Answer is :

  That an active queue does not automatically return ("failover")
  to a recently-rebooted (autostart) host is intentional behaviour.
  This behaviour is intended to prevent the queue entries from being
  unintentionally thrashed back to a host that is undergoing maintenance
  or an upgrade.  Manual intervention is required.
  If you wish a queue to failover to (operate on) another node, you
  must stop the queue and restart it with the desired list of nodes.
  For example, if you wish to preserve existing jobs, you will want
  to use a command sequence such as the following:
  The SHOW QUEUE command in the above sequence will need to be repeated
  until all active jobs are completed.  This DCL command sequence could
  easily be replaced by a short DCL procedure which stops the queue,
  loops pending completion of all active jobs, and then appropriately
  restarts the queue.
  If you can immediately stop the queue and are also able to abort all
  active (executing) jobs, you can use the following command sequence:
  Existing discussions of the f$getqui lexical include the following
  topics: (813), (1240), (2159), (3951), (4546), (4568), (4903), (5188)
  (5471), (5567), (5651), (5793), (5982), (6315), (6877), etc.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-AUG-2001 )

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