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Terminal Server Management Tools?

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The Question is:

I would like to be able to configure port settings on a DECserver 90M remotely
 from an application. For example, we need to be able to remotely connect to
 the terminal server (via TCP/IP) and disable/enable the console port, etc. I
 can Telnet to the devic
e and configure the ports interactively, but really need a way to do this from
 within our application. Considering the age of these devices, I am certain
 this has been done before (but not by me). Any suggestions for documents,
 tutorials, samples, etc?
Thanks in advance,
Scot Newton

The Answer is :

  ClearVISN Access Server Manager or Open DECserver Manager (ODM) would
  be two potential options.
  The Terminal Server Manager (TSM) tool was used for older (non-IP
  terminal servers), and a version of TSM is available on the Freeware.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-AUG-2001 )

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