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Disabling (integrated) Ethernet NIC?

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The Question is:

Currently, I have a AlphaStation 250 4/266 that has or had a networking card
 which was plugged into the motherboard via a cable.  I have since purchased a
 PCI networking card.  I have removed the cable and original networking card.
 OpenVMS and SRM still
see both networking cards, EWA0 and EWB0.  How do I remove all reference(s) to
 the original networking card which has been removed?
Thanks for the assistance....

The Answer is :

  You probably refer to the disconnection of the Media Adapter Unit
  (MAU), an 8cm by 6.5cm module that is connected to back panel and
  wired to the I/O Riser card, and not to the disconnection of the
  Ethernet NIC itself.  The MAU provides the connection to ThinWire
  (10Base2, BNC connector) or Twisted Pair (10BaseT, RJ45 connector).
  The NIC is a DECchip 21040 series ten megabit per second adapter
  chip integrated directly onto the I/O riser card.  (The Ethernet
  station address is in a socketed PROM co-located on the I/O riser.)
  There is no hardware mechanism available to disable the Ethernet
  controller (NIC) hardware.  The on-board NIC is in the last logical
  PCI slot, and shares its interrupts with PCI physical slot 0.
  Please see topic (6067) for the software mechanisms involved.
  Alternatively (and often not nearly as desirable), you can use
  the manual configuration mechanisms available in OpenVMS to avoid
  configuring the particular Ethernet driver(s).  (See the file-based
  device configuration interface.)

answer written or last revised on ( 19-SEP-2001 )

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