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Queue Manager cannot access QMAN$MASTER?

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The Question is:

Hi Wizard,
This question is about queue management. We have an Alpha cluster (2 ES40 with
 one DS10 as quorum node), OpenVMS version is V7.2-1. The queue manager master
 file QMAN$MASTER.DAT is defined and put on a cluster common disk, which can be
 accessed by both of
 the two ES40s. Everything works fine until yesterday. We shut down one of the
 ES40 for maintenance. But when we tried to reboot that system, after it joins
 the cluster, it just hangs there. Nobody can log into that system at then. We
 tried to comment STA
RT/QUEUE/MANAGER from the system startup file to get into the system, somehow
 the system automatically start queue manager itself and hang again after it
 reboot. Before the system got panic, we have a chance to execute the DCL
The system console shows queue manager is "starting". I understand that it is
 not a correct status for queue manager (it is either to be running or
 stopped). Also an error message shows something like "cannot access queue
 database file QMAN$MASTER.DAT."
To fix the problem, we have to redefine the system logical QMAN$MASTER point to
 another location instead of the common location, created a new queue database
 file just for that server. Then restart the system again, it booted without
 problem but I know th
e queue is not shared any more.
Can you explain to me how and why this happen?

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Wizard can answer your question (only) if you can provide
  details on specifically what changed during the "maintenance", and in
  the interval since the last (successful) reboot.  Without this level
  of detail, there can unfortunately be no particular answer.
  Items such as incorrectly changing the local cluster host name or failing
  to mount the disk where the shared files reside can all cause problems
  with the system and with the queue startup.  For details on changing the
  nodename, please see the FAQ.
  You will want to have the correct set of logical name definitions for
  cluster operations, and you will want to have these logical names
  defined in SYLOGICALS.COM.
  A list of required logical name definitions for operation of a shared
  cluster are included in SYLOGICALS.TEMPLATE (in V7.2 and later).  Please
  see the OpenVMS Cluster and System Manager's documentation, as this
  documentation explains the various individual logical names mean.
  You will also want to acquire and apply the mandatory ECO kits for
  OpenVMS, though it is far from clear that these ECOs are related to
  or will resolve the cause of this specific queue manager problem.

answer written or last revised on ( 21-AUG-2001 )

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