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RESTRICT; not authorized to login from source?

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The Question is:

Hi I have 2 Alpha 800's and two Vax's, the problem is with the Alphas. Ever
 since we got these installed we haven't been able to login to them from a PC
 or terminal session only from the console. I've been searching around the web
 for hours now as I'm sur
e this is an easy question but have found nothing. We get the following error: -
You are not authorized to login from this source
O but we can logon with the system account from a terminal session just not any
 other account. I'm sure if I grant more access to the accounts it will work
 but I don't want to do that as there just average users.
Sorry if you've had this before but I'm at the end of my tether.

The Answer is :

  The specific username(s) involved is explicitly configured to deny
  the type of access attempted.  Use the AUTHORIZE utility to alter the
  settings of the particular username(s), and to acquire details of the
  /INTERACTIVE, /NETWORK, /REMOTE, /ACCESS and related qualifiers from
  the AUTHORIZE help text.
  As this appears specific to only certain nodes, it would appear that
  the cluster configuration may be incorrect -- it would appear that you
  have multiple authorization files, and the OpenVMS Wizard will infer
  that this is not intentional.  Accordingly, you will want to review the
  cluster-related logical names; you will specifically want to provide
  translations for the cluster-related logical names described in
  Multiple SYSUAF authorization files are not something that the OpenVMS
  Wizard would initially recommend for most sites.  A cluster with multiple
  authorization files will only operate correctly if the files are configured
  with great care and carefully maintained, the usernames and the binary
  identifier values and binary UIC values must always be completely
  As for the LOGIN error you are seeing:
  returns the following:
 RESTRICT,  you are not authorized to login from this source
  Facility:     LOGIN, Login Procedure
  Explanation:  Authorization is needed for the login class you are attempting
                from the current source. The login classes are: LOCAL, DIALUP,
                REMOTE, NETWORK, and BATCH. The system manager can restrict
                your use of each login class at specific times.
  User Action:  If possible, try a different login class. For example, if you
                are currently restricted from BATCH logins, try an interactive
                class (LOCAL, REMOTE, or DIALUP). If you are currently
                restricted from all login classes, you cannot log in until
                you are permitted to use the system. You may also want to
                ask your system manager about the login restrictions for your

answer written or last revised on ( 22-AUG-2001 )

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