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Show Device? (ioscan)

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The Question is:

What commands can I use verify remotely (via telnet)the hardware components in
 an Alpha-based system running OpenVMS, similar to the IOSCAN command under
 HPUX for HP UNIX servers?
For example, I get a call stating an Alphaserver cannot read a disk at work,
 but I'm at home and want to pinpoint, via telnetting into the server, that
 1)it has that particular disk installed, 2)the hardware address of the disk,
 and 3)the disk controller
type and hardware address.  I could see this being useful in other ways as
 well, and remember seeing a command on HP UNIX servers called IOSCAN that
 showed the server's hardware tree.

The Answer is :

  As a start, consider using the DCL command SHOW DEVICE.
  If you wish to write a simple procedure to vary the selection criteria
  -- assuming that SHOW DEVICE, or a PIPE of SHOW DEVICE into SEARCH does
  not suffice -- you can use DCL lexical functions such as f$device or
  the OpenVMS system services such as sys$device_scan and sys$getdvi.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-AUG-2001 )

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