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Third-party software? (Kermit)

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The Question is:

My name is Rafi and I'm working with this pay-TV company in Malaysia. Please,
 please, if you are there Mr Wizard, please reply to this e-mail of mine.
I have successfully established Kermit file transfer between a PC/Win95 and an
 Alpha/OpenVMS v7.1-2. The PC is installed with WRQ Reflection Suite for TCP
 v7.00. The OpenVMS has Kermit v6.0.192 running on it.
I need to get some answers from you on these questions:
Question #1
Is it true the PC user, regardless whether he is using Reflection or other
 terminal emulation software, must always login into the OpenVMS and be ready
 at the DCL command prompt before he could perform the Kermit file transfer?
Question #2
While in the file transfer window box of Reflection, I can't list the files in
 the OpenVMS. Can a PC user lists files in the server via Kermit? Is this
 drawback present in other terminal emulation software that provides Kermit

The Answer is :

  Please contact the maintainer of Kermit for assistance with that
  An alternative to Kermit involves the use of a TCP/IP network stack
  (Compaq and third-party packages are available) and the use of IP
  protocols such as FTP and FTP, and the use of SMB-based file service
  packages such as SAMBA or Compaq Advanced Server.

answer written or last revised on ( 23-AUG-2001 )

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