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PBXGA-AA ZLXp-E1 Graphics Resolution?

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The Question is:

How do I change the screen resolution of the CDE of an Alpha using a ZLXp-E1
I have a Alpha 400Series, with OpenVms 6.2 and New Desktop V 1.2.4.

The Answer is :

  With the ZLXp-E* graphics controller held component-side upward and with
  the stereo jack to the left, the four switches visible on the controller
  module spine encode the graphics resolution.  The switches SW1 through
  SW4 are oriented from left to right on the spine, respectively.
    SW1 SW2 SW3 SW4   Pixel    Resolution  Refresh
                     Freq(MHz)             Rate(Hz)
    D    D   D   D     130     1280x1024      72
    U    D   D   D     119     1280x1024      66
    D    U   D   D     108     1280x1024      60
    U    U   D   D     104     1152x900       72
    D    D   U   D      93     1152x900       66
    U    D   U   D      75     1024x768       70
    D    U   U   D      74     1024x768       72
    U    U   U   D      69     1024x864       60
    D    D   D   U      65     1024x768       60
    U    D   D   U      50      800x600       72
    D    U   D   U      40      800x600       60
    R    U   D   U      32      642x480       72
    D    D   U   U      25      640x480       60
    U    D   U   U     135     1280x1024      75
    D    U   U   U     110     1280x1024      60
    U    U   U   U      --      Reserved      --
  Up (U) and Down (D) are as viewed from the spine of the card with the
  stereo jack on the left and the components upward, and where SW1 is the
  leftmost switch of the four switches.
  For documentation part numbers, please see (9144).

answer written or last revised on ( 24-NOV-2003 )

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