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Printers, Terminals, and Character Sets?

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The Question is:

when I see on screen h, and then print it to an IP-printer on paper there is
 another caracter printed.
The properties of the printerque are:

The Answer is :

  Clearly, the particular terminal or terminal emulator display and the
  particular printer do not share the same character set -- with different
  mappings between the display and the printer, the same character value
  will encode two different characters.
  You will want to reconfigure the printer to use a compatible character
  set, or you will want to download a character set into the printer, or
  you will need to translate the file contents into the appropriate target
  character set before printing the file.  Alternatively, replace the
  printer with one that has a more  compatible character set.  You may
  also need to replace the character set for the display, depending on
  the particular terminal or terminal emulator.
  The particular approach depends on the terminal, terminal emulator,
  printer and the associated capabilities.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-AUG-2001 )

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