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Configuring TCP/IP Services?

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The Question is:

I currently have UCX 4.1 ECO 9
I have no bind resolvers/name servers defined and am tring to set one up
 permanently but am confused by the examples in help.  Can you help me with a
 good example of how to use the set configuration command to accomplish this.
 Thank you in advance.  Carl

The Answer is :

  Upgrade to TCP/IP Services V5.1, please.  There have been a large
  number of updates and a large number of enhancements since V4.1,
  and this V4.1 configuration is no longer supported.
  Please use the TCPIP$CONFIG configuration tool (UCX$CONFIG on
  releases prior to V5.0) to set up the DNS/Bind servers.  The tool
  should lead you through the necessary steps.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-AUG-2001 )

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