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DECnet and Multiple Controllers?

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The Question is:

Further to the Answer on the Question on "(6704) Configure DECnet on Network
 Controller? ".  I have tried re-run
However NETCONFIG.COM (at least with v7.1-2 of OpenVMS) would only configure
 Decnet on EWA-0 and would not configure it on EWB-0.
I treied edit NETCONFIG.COM to use EWB-0 and it still end up with the same
At the moment, I end up using EWB-0 for UCX only
and leave Decnet on EWA-0.
I would apprecitate any help to move Decnet to EWB-0 as well.
I would prefer to stay with DECnet Phase IV.
One question is: would upgrading to OpenVMS v7.2 or v7.3 helps?

The Answer is :

  Due to network addressing requirements, DECnet Phase IV permits one
  connection to an unbridged, unrouted network segment.
  When multiple connections are present, DECnet Phase IV end-node hosts
  can operate on only one network controller at a time and must be
  manually switched to other controllers as required.
  DECnet Phase IV routing is available on OpenVMS VAX only.
  DECnet Phase IV routers can operate across multiple controllers,
  again assuming that no two network controllers are connected to the
  same network segement.
  If you attempt to connect multiple controllers to the same network
  segment on a DECnet Phase IV host, you will receive an "IVADDR, invalid
  media address" error upon starting the second and subsequent controllers
  connected to the same segment.
  DECnet-Plus permits multiple connections to the same network segment,
  and permits multiple active circuits on an end-node, and (with recent
  versions) does provide for host-based routing.

answer written or last revised on ( 31-AUG-2001 )

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