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VAX 6000 console command syntax?

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The Question is:

I need to but a VAX 6640 in standalone mode and can't remember the boot command.

The Answer is :

  For the various VAX-specific commands related to upgrades, please see
  the OpenVMS VAX Upgrade and Installation Manual.  For information on
  booting the OpenVMS VAX Standalone BACKUP utility and on the related
  Standalone BACKUP commands, please see the OpenVMS System Manager's
  Essentials chapter on BACKUP.  These and other manuals are available
  The specific bootstrap command depends completely on the target device
  and on the particular bus configuration of the VAX 6000 series.  The
  specific command required is entirely site-specific.
  The general VAX 6000 series console command format is:
    BOOT /R5:r  /XMI:a  /BI:b  [/R3:c]  [/NODE:d]  DUu
  Where r contains the SYS root in the upper four bits and the VMB boot
  flags in the remaining bits (see the FAQ for details of VMB), a is the
  XMI bus, b is the BI bus, c is the (optional) value required for your
  local system disk volume shadowing configuration, d is the CI address
  of the CI storage controller, and u is the unit number of the disk
  holding the target system root.
  Most sites will set up a boot alias in the VAX 6000 console.
  To do this on a VAX 6000 series, use the SET BOOT command.
    SET BOOT SBA1 /R5:r  /XMI:a  /BI:b  [/R3:c]  [/NODE:d]  DUu
  A BOOT command specifying the device alias SBA1 would then bootstrap
  using the specified settings.  You can also override the settings as
    BOOT SBA1 /R5:x
  Would use the R5 value x, rather than the value r that was associated
  with the SBA1 device alias.
  You can display the console settings and the available aliases (if any)
  with the console SHOW ALL command.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-SEP-2001 )

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