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Configuring NFS Export?

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The Question is:

We have a dec 3000 and need to mount this to a SGI running 6.2 IRIX. How can
 this be achieved. I have tried adding this command string to
 When I do this at boot up I get an err
or: NFSMOUNT-E-MOUNTFAIL, error mounting _NFS2:[IMAGES]. Remove this string and
 everything is fine. Help! What am i doing wrong. I know unix, linux but VMS!!
 I am at a loss. Await your response with hope.

The Answer is :

  Assuming the use of TCP/IP Services and not one of the third-party TCP/IP
  stacks, the directions for exporting NFS directories are included in the
  TCP/IP Services Management documentation.  This documentation is available
  at the documentation website -- please see the OpenVMS FAQ for details.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-SEP-2001 )

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