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Incorrect Login Failure Count?

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The Question is:

We have discovered something unusual with our
VAX/VMS 6.2 machines here, which doesn't seem
to happen with Alphas running 6.2, nor with
later versions of VAX or Alpha VMS.
If you set host to any of the VAX VMS6.2 nodes
and log in and type
$ write sys$output f$getjpi("","LOGIN_FAILURES")
you will get the result 0, which is to be
expected (assuming there are no login failures.)
However, if you create a DecTERM on one of these
nodes, such as by logging in on the console,
starting the Session Manager and selecting
"Application-->DecTERM" you will get the
following result:
$ write sys$output f$getjpi("","LOGIN_FAILURES")
You also get this result if you create a terminal
window using Dec Excursions on a PC, or on
any window that you create by using the
$create/term/detach command.
Is this normal behaviour?  We uncovered this
while installing software that checks for
login failures using this lexical and e-mails
the system manager.

The Answer is :

  This is a known (and fixed) bug in LOGINOUT.
  Please acquire and apply the mandatory ECO kits for OpenVMS VAX,
  for the DECwindows version in use, and any kits that are available
  for any particular layered products in use.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-SEP-2001 )

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