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Passing URLs to Netscape Navigator?

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The Question is:

Hello Mr. Wizard!
I am running Netscape Navigator Gold for VMS on an DS20 OSV 7.1-2.  My question
 is this... How can I start the Navigator application with parameters. For
 example, when a certain application starts Navigator I want it to bring up a
 specific URL so I would
expect to be able to do something like run netscape/url=http://whateveriwant.com.
Is this possible?
Thanks for you time

The Answer is :

  Please see the information in the OpenVMS FAQ on foreign commands.
  In the specific case of the Netscape Navigator tool:
$ ns :== $ddcu:[dir]NETSCAPE-EXPORT...
$ ns -?
usage: NETSCAPE-EXPORT... [options ... ]
       where options include:
       -help                     to show this message.
       -version                  to show the version number and build date.
       -display <dpy>            to specify the X server to use.
       -geometry =WxH+X+Y        to position and size the window.
       -visual <id-or-number>    to use a specific server visual.
       -install                  to install a private colormap.
       -no-install               to use the default colormap.
       -ncols <N>                when not using -install, set the maximum
                                 number of colors to allocate for images.
       -mono                     to force 1-bit-deep image display.
       -iconic                   to start up iconified.
       -xrm <resource-spec>      to set a specific X resource.
       -remote <remote-command>  to execute a command in an already-running
                                 Netscape process.  For more info, see
       -id <window-id>           the id of an X window to which the -remote
                                 commands should be sent; if unspecified,
                                 the first window found will be used.
       -raise                    whether following -remote commands should
                                 cause the window to raise itself to the top
                                 (this is the default.)
       -noraise                  the opposite of -raise: following -remote
                                 commands will not auto-raise the window.
       Arguments which are not switches are interpreted as either files or
       URLs to be loaded.
       Most customizations can be performed through the Options menu.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-SEP-2001 )

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