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DECwindows Virtual Frame Buffer?

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The Question is:

The other day i got via Compaq Netherlands a responds from Mr.Rich Reichert
 concerning Compaq/VMSMKT::WIZ Note 6892.0 Wizard a virtual X server.
 Unfortunately I don't get the server to work.
We are using VMS 7.3 and the most recent versions of Compaq's Java, apache and
I got me a DW Motif license.
Activated decwindows
Installed the virtual server
Do a @sys$manager:decw$start_vcfbconnect
define dcl$path sys$system
xvcfd -display OAA::0.0
As a result i get a server and a wsa device but also the message "could not
 open  a display". And calling for a graph from within Java hangs forever
 waiting for a responds.
Because there is no support here must end our effort in trying to use Compaq'
 E-commerce for VMS on ALPHA.
Because this would be stupid, as a last change i ask you for help.
1. do you know a possible reason why it does not work
2. Do you know somebody who used the server.
3. Can i reach the developer Fred Kleinsorge of Compaq.
4. Do you know an alternative? If i put a video card, a mouse and a display to
 the server. Will Java use the standard supported DECWindows software on the
 system in order to provide the graph.
Thank you very much in advance for your help!
Joop M. Schipper

The Answer is :

  Why do you think you believe you need the virtual frame buffer?
  Did you use the SET DISPLAY command to specify the target display?
  What does the ico tool (decw$util:ico.exe) return as an error message?
  Is the remote display set up to accept incoming connections?

answer written or last revised on ( 7-SEP-2001 )

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