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3Dlabs Oxygen VX1 prior to EV6?

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The Question is:

Hardware: PWS 500-au, 256 Mb, 9Gb disk (>80% free), 3D V1 Oxygen video card,
 LK45W-A2 keyboard, 3-button mouse.
SRM settings: Console=serial, keyboard=LK411.
Latest versions of VMS (7.3), DecNet, TCP/IP, DecWindows. As much as default as
Machine is named DIANA.
Problem with DecWindows:
Transport=LOCAL or DECNET will start server, but screen only shows: panel
 ("COMPAQ") text "Welcome to local:.diana", label "username" followed by
 inputbox, label "password" - but NO input box, NO buttons.
Mouse can be moved (pointer moves corresponding movement) but any key on
 keyboard, of mouse button is dead. Server consumes 100% CPU.
"Show device OPA*" shows OPA0 not allocated, OPA2 is input to DecWindows, OPA3
 not allocated.
When screen falls into "powersave" lights on keyboard signal this and any key
 (or button) will cause the server to loop again.
Transport=TCPIP will start server nicely but nothing but the X-startup screen
 (including mouse pointer) is shown. Keyboard and mousebuttons appear dead
 again but server does NOT loop. Xapplications will start (using XTerm emulator
 (I use eXcursion as on P
athworks 6.0D CD)).
I have been told that the driver for this videocard fails on EV56 processor,
 while it is optimized for EV6. If this is true, will there be a patch (for
 EV56), and if not, what card will surely work?

The Answer is :

  The 3Dlabs Oxygen VX1 device drivers are supported on and are only
  available on and only applicable on EV6 (21264) and later systems.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-SEP-2001 )

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