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DCPS and Insufficient Dynamic Memory?

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The Question is:

I run DCPS V.2.0 on a VAX 4000-90 and OpenVMS 7.1. After a while the dcps
 symbiont stops with the message" insufficient dynamic memory". I installed the
 patch VAXPTHR01-071 but the problem still occures. Is it necessary to recreate
 all queues and/or the q
ueue manager ? What else can I do ?

The Answer is :

From the DCPS V2.0 Release Notes:
    3.5 Symbiont Aborts with Insufficient Dynamic Memory Error
          There is a DECthreads problem on OpenVMS VAX V7.0 and V7.1
          systems that results in the DCPS symbiont aborting with
          an INSFMEM error. The DCPS symbiont consumes an increasing
          amount of memory over time, eventually aborting when it
          attempts to obtain more than the available dynamic memory.
          The probability of the symbiont aborting increases with
          each new print job that it processes.
          The following patch kits fix this problem:
          o  VAXCMAR01_071, for OpenVMS VAX V7.1 systems
          o  VAXCMAR01_070, for OpenVMS VAX V7.0 systems

answer written or last revised on ( 13-SEP-2001 )

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