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Advanced Server and errgetsrv?

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The Question is:

Advanced Server 7.3 on OpenVMS Alpha 7.3 is failing to start properly.  I
 receive the following error messages on startup at the console:
Server Exiting because of fatal error, see audit log and process log files for
Once the system fails if I attempt to run ADMIN/PATH the error:
%pwrk-e-errgetsrv, error getting server information for "PINE"
-LM-E-ERROR_BAD_NETPA, the network path cannot be located
As is described a previous
the tasks are missing.  Only diff is that I am starting a PDC not a BDC.
I have reviewed the logs and they are as follows:
$ Set NoOn
$ Set NoOn
* Product:  Advanced Server V7.3-000 for OpenVMS
* O/S:      OpenVMS Alpha V7.3
* H/W:      COMPAQ AlphaServer DS10 466 MHz (768 Mb of memory)
* PALcode:  Version 1.90-76
* SMP:      No
* Cluster:  No
* DECnet:   Version 5 on node PINE
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.00 00000236:005F9DD8 WorkQ_alloc_queue: queue object
 <CALLOUT> allocated (handle=005FD448)
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.01 00000236:005F9DD8  assign_work_mode=<safe>,
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.01 00000236:005F9DD8 PFS_configure: disable global data
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.05 00000236:005F9DD8 PFS_configure: loaded dynamic library
 ODS2 File System, id=1, version=55, init=00770070
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.05 00000236:005F9DD8 PFS library, version 17.1 configured,
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.05 00000236:005F9DD8                     PFS_RW_USE_CACHE: 0
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.06 00000236:005F9DD8                      PFS_TRAP_ACCVIO: 0
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.06 00000236:005F9DD8                      PFS_FILE_SEARCH: 1
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.06 00000236:005F9DD8                       PFS_INIT_FATAL: 1
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.06 00000236:005F9DD8                     PFS_RETURN_ERRNO: 1
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.06 00000236:005F9DD8                   PFS_SYNC_EOF_WRITE: 1
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.06 00000236:005F9DD8                    PFS_ZERO_FILL_GAP: 1
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.07 00000236:005F9DD8                   PFS_LOG_ALL_ERRORS: 0
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.07 00000236:005F9DD8                       PFS_ENABLE_FAT: 0
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.07 00000236:005F9DD8                    PFS_SECURITY_MODE: 1
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.07 00000236:005F9DD8                       PFS_GRANT_PCFS: 2
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.07 00000236:005F9DD8                      PFS_COPY_BUFSIZ:
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.07 00000236:005F9DD8                     PFS_STAT_COLLECT: 0
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.09 00000236:005F9DD8 PFS_startup: character-set locale
 info <#
_PINE$DKA0     072710000900000>
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.09 00000236:005F9DD8 PFS_timefuncinit: initialized Unix
 Time Conversions, version 1
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.09 00000236:005F9DD8 PFS_timefuncinit: initialized DOS
 Time Conversions, version 1
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.09 00000236:005F9DD8 PFS_timefuncinit: initialized VMS
 Time Conversions, version 1
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.10 00000236:005F9DD8 PFS_timefuncinit: initialized Text to
 Time Conversion, version 1
13-SEP-2001 12:08:30.10 00000236:005F9DD8 PFS_timefuncinit: initialized VMS Tim

The Answer is :

  The log file that would be of central interest here is the PWRK$LMSRV*.LOG
  file, and not the PWRK$LMBROW*.LOG file.
  Given that there is no specific log file error that can be referenced
  here, you will want to contact the Compaq Customer Support Center
  directly for assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 4-OCT-2001 )

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