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DECevent and Machine Checks?

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The Question is:

I have noticed that V3.3 of DECevent no longer decodes the minor class number
 of Machine Check entries (Type 100). Is there somewhere where I can find out
 what the descriptions of the minor class numbers are? They seam to have
 changed from previous versio
ns of DECevent,ie, in an older version of DECevent (V2.9 I think) the minor
 class of 2 was a 660 entry, however in V3.3 of DECevent the 660 entry now
 appears to have a minor class of 1.
Any help would be appreciated.

The Answer is :

  Compaq Analyze replaced DECevent for various purposes.
  Though not a certainty, machine checks tend to indicate the
  existance of hardware problems.  Please contact your hardware
  support organization in troubleshooting this.

answer written or last revised on ( 4-OCT-2001 )

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