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Disk Device Name Change?

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The Question is:

We are running a two-node SCSI cluster consisting of AXP 2100 4/200 under VMS
 V7.1-2. Both systems are attached to a RA8000 storage system with redundant
 HSZ70; these devices are seen as $1$DKBxxx. Both systems use PACs (2,3) for
 their PKA controllers and
 a host allocation class of 1. Everything works fine until an upgrade to VMS
 V7.2-1. Then only the boot disk is still named $1$DKB100, all other disks are
 now seen as $1$DKAxxx! Howzat? We immediately restored VMS V7.1-2 and
 everything is fine again, but
we have to go to V7.2-1. What's wrong ?

The Answer is :

  Nothing.  This change is intentional and documented, and parallels
  previous changes made to OpenVMS to bring all (served) disk device
  names into the same controller letter.  Each device unit number --
  regardless of the controller -- must be unique within any non-zero
  device allocation class.  (The FAQ has some additional information
  on device unit numbers and allocation class settings.)

answer written or last revised on ( 4-OCT-2001 )

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