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Network API (DECnet, IP) Comparision?

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The Question is:

Dear mister, misses,
I've got two questions regarding the TCP/IP API:
1.What are the arguments (internal system view) for either using the open vms
 system services or the C socket routines, when implementing the TCP/IP stack?
 Is there a major advantage of using either the socket of system services?
2.In our current applications we are using the open vms system services for
 communicating over DECNET. Is it possible to just replace this DECNET stack by
 the TCP/IP stack, without a major modification to the services calls already
Hope to hear from you soon,
A.J. Bosveld
Sr. Technical Designer
Holland Rail Consult

The Answer is :

  The socket API provides compatibility for existing applications
  across platforms, while the $qio API provides OpenVMS capabilities.
  (You will want to review the TCP/IP Services documentation and the
  OpenVMS Programming Concepts manual.
  You will need to recode to the new API or you will need to acquire
  a protocol-independent library or you will want to configure and
  use DECnet-Plus over IP.

answer written or last revised on ( 18-SEP-2001 )

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