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EDT work file overflow?

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The Question is:

greetings - while i myself use EVE and am quite happy, others at this site use
 EDT and are not.
EDT on LARGE FILES is aborting with following error message:
    Work file overflow
    %EDT-F-EDITORABO, Editor aborted
(sample session included below)
these errors do not occur during the first EDT session, so it seems there is an
 eroding of limits during the user-session (?). is there any way to recover /
 release resources or limits
during a session? is this a known issue with EDT? users all have 'ample' quotas
 set in UAF.
system is AlphaServer 4100, 2.5 G memory.
; edit/edt pw1:[archive]pdldptanl.200105
    1       PDLDPTANL                                          Departmental
 Procedure Analysis                                      Page: 1
*f 99990200
 Work file overflow
 %EDT-F-EDITORABO, Editor aborted

The Answer is :

  Please use EVE, TPU, or other editor.  TPU provides support for an
  EDT keypad.
  EDT support was retired some time ago, as it is very limited in
  a number of ways.
  This is very likely expected behaviour of EDT, as the EDT work file
  is limited to 65535 blocks.  EDT will fail if an attempt to edit a
  larger file is made.  This limit is documented in the old EDT Editor
  Note: "ample" is unfortunately not a specific value.  Though process
  quotas are not likely involved here, the specification of explicit
  values, explicit commands, explict error messages, etc, can often make
  the difference between a specific answer to the question and a generic
  recommendation to contact the customer support center.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-SEP-2001 )

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