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select socket operation on non-socket?

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The Question is:

Select: socket operation on non-socket
Before under OpenVms6.2 C + +5.0 functioned perfectly. Bring up to date to
 OpenVms7.2-1 C + +6.2 since the macros already they come with the new one
 compilador, in the codigo fountain the comente, however after compiling and
 upon running the aplicacion I
obtain the message:
"socket operation on non-socket"
#define bcopy(x,y,z) memcpy(y,x,z)
#define fd_set int
#define FD_SET(x,y) (*y = *y | (1<<x))
#define FD_CLR(x,y) (*y = *y & ~(1<<x))
#define FD_ISSET(x,y) (*y & (1<<x))
#define FD_ZERO(y) (*y = 0)
 fd_set aux_mascara;
 fd_set cero;
 bcopy ( &mascara, &aux_mascara, sizeof
if (select (32, &aux_mascara, &cero, &cero,
                                  NULL) < 0){
       perror ("main/Select");
main/Select: socket operation on non-socket
main/Select: socket operation on non-socket

The Answer is :

  This construct does not and has never worked, as the select call is
  documented as only working with IP network connections.  If you wish
  to suppress the reporting of this run-time error (without correcting
  the code), a mechanism is available within TCP/IP Services.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-SEP-2001 )

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