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License Transfers?

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The Question is:

VMS V5-3.1
I am trying to consolidate an old vax cluster of a Microvax 3900 as sys0 and 2
 Vaxstation 3100's onto a single vaxstation 3100 as 1 node cluster. The system
 has been restored/built from tape, but the vax-vms license will only allow
 console access with ins
ufficient licenses. The licenses were sufficient before, how do I get around
The system needs to remain usable for 8 more months as we migrate it, but the
 3900 is on deaths doorstep.

The Answer is :

  The OpenVMS Base Operating System license (VAX-VMS) agreement does not
  allow transfer between arbitrary systems. For VAX/VMS systems of V5.3
  vintage, the license types accepted by MicroVAX systems and VAXstation
  systems were entirely different, and therefore technically, as well as
  legally incompatible. See the Activity Table Code on the PAK certificate
  and compare with the output of SHOW LICENSE/UNIT_REQUIREMENTS.
  If you do not have a valid base operating system license for your
  VAXstation, Please contact your local Compaq customer support centre or
  your sales partner to negotiate terms for licensing your replacement
  system for the duration of your planned migration.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-SEP-2001 )

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