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Oracle and Reserved Memory Registry?

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The Question is:

When I use the reserved memory registry to put aside some pages for the Oracle
 database's SGA, can I be assured that these pages will never be faulted to disk?
Oracle also has a startup parameter SGA_LOCK = TRUE and I don't know if it's of
 any use in the context of the SGA being put in memory reserved for it. If the
 memory will never be page faulted to disk then this parameter is of no use.
Memory Reservations (pages):       Group    Reserved      In Use        Type
  ORA_INFRCS_SGA                  SYSGBL       66560       65292   Allocated
  ORA_INFRCS_SGA                  SYSGBL          65          64  Page Table
  Total (520.51 Mbytes reserved)               66625       65356

The Answer is :

  Please contact Oracle support for information on Oracle products.
  That said, your observation is correct.  With the recent addition of
  the reserved memory construct into OpenVMS, the SGA will never be
  faulted out.  No backing storage is required.
  The use of the granularity hints mechanism provides for more
  efficient use of the virtual memory (VM) translation buffers
  (TBs), and this memory is not charged against the process
  working set.
  For information and for recommendations for Oracle-specific settings
  such as the referenced SGA_LOCK mechansim, please contact Oracle.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-SEP-2001 )

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