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Configuring Windows NT for IP Printing?

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The Question is:

I am trying to use LPR (UCX) to print to a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SP6a print
 device that uses a Generic Text driver.  The problem is that if I try to print
 anything in "landscape" mode, it comes out on the other end wrapped at the
 85th column.
I have tried to set up a huge form (length=200, width=63000) and I get the same
 problem.  I don't know if it is a problem with the VAX or with NT.  Are there
 some steps I could take to make sure that the VAX isn't the problem (i.e.
 print to a file instead
 of to a device)?

The Answer is :

  Please contact a Windows NT Wizard for assistance with Windows NT.
  (OpenVMS sends the file to Windows NT LPD or telnet server, it is
  up to Windows NT to configure and print the file.)
  The OpenVMS Wizard would suggest removing the Windows NT box from
  the configuration, and connect the printer directly to the network.
  Existing related topics include (1020), (2507), (3971), (4032), and

answer written or last revised on ( 27-SEP-2001 )

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