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Meaning of Carrier Check Failure?

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The Question is:

We are configuring DECNET Plus on an Alphaserver 2100a w/ OpenVMS 7.3. TCP/IP
 services work fine. One can "set host" to other nodes (this node is NOT part
 of a cluster however)successfully.
We are getting many  OPCOM messages
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM  30-SEP-2001 20:07:14.05  %%%%%%%%%%%
                            Press RETURN to continue
Message from user SYSTEM on LURKER
Event:  code 2 from: Node LOCAL:.LURKER (unknown class) LOCAL:.LURKER,
        at: 2000-12-31-23:00:00.000-05:00Iinf
        eventUid   06E08001-DF79-11D4-8001-AA0004000204
        entityUid  06E08000-DF79-11D4-8001-AA0004000404
        streamUid  75B875B4-B5DE-11D5-8078-AA0004000204
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM  30-SEP-2001 20:07:14.05  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user SYSTEM on LURKER
Event: Carrier Check Failure from: Node LOCAL:.LURKER CSMA-CD Station CSMACD-0,
        at: 2001-09-30-20:05:08.034-04:00Iinf
        eventUid   722ED33F-B5DE-11D5-8067-AA0004000204
        entityUid  717A6238-B5DE-11D5-805B-AA0004000204
        streamUid  75B875B4-B5DE-11D5-8078-AA0004000204
I have seen  references to this in prior wizard questions, but it always refers
 to netowrk problems "in general". Yet all our network  operations appear to be
 functional (a DECNet copy did appear to be very very slow, however, FTP was
 speedy). Is there a
way ot "pin down" the problem more exactly?
We also get some messges referring to there be "too few servers".
%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM  30-SEP-2001 01:18:09.24  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user SYSTEM on LURKER
Event: Too Few Servers Detected from: Node LOCAL:.LURKER DTSS,
        at: 2001-09-30-01:16:26.101-04:00Iinf
        Number Detected=0,
        Number Required=1
        eventUid   C4C3F18B-B540-11D5-95B2-4C55524B4552
        entityUid  BB2B27D4-B540-11D5-806D-AA0004000204
        streamUid  BA9EA589-B540-11D5-8067-AA0004000204
Does not seem to be related?

The Answer is :

  The "carrier check" means that you have a network problem or a network
  transceiver or a transiever cabling problem.  The Carrier Sense Multiple
  Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) protocol senses the network
  carrier as part of the IEEE 802.3 communications signalling, and your
  configuration is reporting an error.
  You have a network problem, in other words.
  Please contact your hardware support organization, as it would appear
  that you have a network problem, a network transceiver configuration
  or hardware problem, or a transiever cabling problem.

answer written or last revised on ( 1-OCT-2001 )

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