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AlphaServer 2100 series StorageWorks hardware?

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The Question is:

On an Alphaserver 2100a, can a RZ28-VA be used on the internal SCSI (8 bit)
 bus? What are the differences (if any) between RZ28-VA and R28D-VA, etc etc .
 I tried using an RZ28-VA and it was not recognized, but a drawing showing
 configurations from the "go
lden egg" list shows RZ28D's in the system as being supported.
What are the differences?

The Answer is :

  Plese contact your hardware support organization or Compaq Customer
  Services for assistance in (re)configuring SCSI storage devices on
  the AlphaServer 2100A series.
  The RZ28-VA and RZ28D-VA are supported devices, both with internal
  and external configurations.
  The list of supported options for the AlphaServer 2100A series is
  available at the AlphaServer website, as is various of the technical
  documentation.  Also available via the AlphaServer website is the
  and Options Catalog (SOC) archives and the sales information that
  was specific to this server.
  The -VA indicates that the device is contained in a StorageWorks
  carrier, and is specifically a narrow SCSI StorageWorks device.
  These devices can be used within the integrated StorageWorks
  shelf, and -VA and -VW (wide SCSI) devices can be mixed.
  As for why the add/swap of this device is not working, there is
  insufficient detail on the current hardware configuration.  And
  thus a request to contact your hardware support organization.
  The AlphaServer website is located at:

answer written or last revised on ( 6-NOV-2001 )

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