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PATHWORKS 32 PowerTerm errors?

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The Question is:

I have installed Power Term from Pathworks 32 v7.1A CD on my Windows 2000
 Professional PC. While connecting to any server using TELNET in Power Term, I
 get the error message "error loading Terminal Access Library". This happened
 after I tried to install D
ecNet from the same Pathworks 32 CD. Earlier the telnet sessions were fine. how
 can I get back TELNET functioning in Power Term?

The Answer is :

  PATHWORKS 32 V7.1a supports the Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98,
  and Windows NT 4.0 platforms.
  PATHWORKS 32 V7.2 adds support for Microsoft Windows 2000 to the
  platforms supported by V7.1a, and is the minimum supported version
  for Windows 2000 platforms.
  Please update your configuration to PATHWORKS 32 V7.2.
  If you wish to attempt to get PATHWORKS 32 V7.1a PowerTerm Telnet to
  work in your Windows 2000 system configuration, the OpenVMS Wizard
  would encourage you to de-install PATHWORKS 32, de-install PowerTerm,
  and then re-install the packages.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-OCT-2001 )

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