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Troubleshooting System Hang?

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The Question is:

The system has been running without problems since about 6 months. Now wihtin
 two days in a row, it freezes. All disk activity stopped. No more user login
 possible. Ping from the Intranet works. Only possible way out: HALT the system
 and reboot.
Can you give us some hints where to look for the problem? (Nonpaged pool
Thanks, Simon

The Answer is :

  This could be a hardware or a software problem.
  The installation of the AMDS or Availability Manager client -- and the
  use of an AMDS or Availability Manager display on another system -- might
  allow you to look into the system during the hang.  This could help you
  spot a locking- or resource-related problem.
  Based on your description of the hang, the OpenVMS Wizard would encourage
  you to apply all available mandatory ECO kits, then force a system crash
  (and thus write a system dump) during the next hang, and then provide the
  contents of the dump file to the Compaq Customer Support Center.

answer written or last revised on ( 4-OCT-2001 )

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