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DECthreads and thread-safe OpenVMS calls?

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The Question is:

I am experiencing difficulty calling CONV$RECLAIM() from a thread (actually
 several at once).  The function works fine when called from the main thread.
This is displayed and the process is terminated:
-CONV-F-OPENIN, error opening !AS as input
%DECthreads bugcheck (version V3.15-261), terminating execution.
% Reason:  lckHandoff:  not owner; lock = 0x0000000000126118, value = 0x00000000
00000000, expected = 0x000000007BB7C6E0
% Running on OpenVMS V7.2-1 on AlphaServer 8200 5/440, -2048Mb; 2 CPUs
Is it possible that CONV$RECLAIM() not supported under DECThreads?

The Answer is :

  This call and various other run-time library (RTL) calls are not
  supported in a DECthreads threading environment; these calls are
  not considered to be thread-safe.
  Topics of interest here will include (1661), (4647), and (6099)

answer written or last revised on ( 9-OCT-2001 )

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