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DECnet adjacency down, then up?

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The Question is:

Hello, we are running a legacy system (Microvax 3500) using VMS 4.7a (I know
 it's old).  I started getting a message from OPCOM that states the following:
Message from user Decnet
Decnet event 4.18, Adjacency down
From node 1.1 (milton), date and time
Circuit QNA-0, Adjacent node listener receive timeout
Adjacent node = 1.5 (MONTRL)
Then after a few minutes, sometimes right away this message appears.
Message from user decnet
Decnet event 4.15, Adjacency up
From Node 1.1 (MILTON), date and time
Circuit QNA-0, Adjacent node = 1.5 (MONTRL)
IT's as if it's going down and then right back up. I know this is old stuff,
 but we have one more system running on the machine to convert over to our
 Alpha.  Any ideas on what is causing this, I have searched the web and found
Mike Brown
Robertson Inc.

The Answer is :

  You likely have a network configuration, network hardware, network
  controller, network termination or similar network problem.
  Some of the related topics include (6835), (6215), and (7105).

answer written or last revised on ( 10-OCT-2001 )

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