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LAT over IP Network?

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The Question is:

Hi there,
We have to setup an LTA terminal on a DEC Terminal Server. This server must be
 installed on a LAN that is connected with the hosts (ES40) over TCPIP (vpn
 over internet). For a specific application to work we need to set this LTA via
 LATCP and send command
s to the Terminal Server port via LAT.
Is this posible and how?
Thanks for your time

The Answer is :

  LAT and IP are different protocols, have different requirements and
  different capabilities, and are not directly interchangeable.  Put
  another way, you can't do what you want to do.
  You will have to use an IP-capable terminal server -- various of the
  DECserver terminal servers are capable of both LAT and IP operations
  -- and the terminal server's associated application programming interface
  (IP-based) and terminal server managment interface if you wish to use an
  IP-based VPN.
  Please see existing discussions of LAT and IP-based terminal servers
  for additional details.
  Some of the following discussions will be of interest:
    (546), (2312), (2407), (2631), (2696), (3202), (3280), (5173),
    (5737), (5881), (6271), (6467), (7143), (7151)

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JAN-2002 )

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